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European union in a parallel process: managing economic and migrant crisis

European union in the last four years is dealing with huge international issues which can determine the future of European united concept. Economic crisis, Arab spring and problems with migrants are issues on the top of the emerging list for European leaders. Mentioned problems represent some kind exam for European union and for its future. Also, Ukrainian crisis and economic measures against Russian federation are affecting on the stability and prosperity of European union. Today, European leaders should be key players in the process of creation strategy which will allow sustainable development of the continent.

Republic of Greece is not only important question from the economic point of view, but also first dam of European borders taking into account refugees and migrant crisis. In the last six months we are witnesses that European union is not able to deal with the problems of migrants and to find solutions which will be efficient and effective. Citizens of war areas are passing millions of kilometers only with one goal, respectively, to find peace and stability for their families. European states are not able to accept millions of migrants and to enable them conditions for normal life. Problems with economic crisis within European union represent major issue for European citizens. Because of that European citizens are scared from migrants, respectively, thinking that they can bring new additional problems in the field of employment.

Economic crisis and migrant crisis are a point that will indirectly show the direction of movement of the European Union. Western Balkan states, that are still candidate-states for membership of European union, are also very important players in migrant crisis. Migrants are travelling through territories of western Balkan states in order to reach borders of Western European countries. European institutions are in cooperation with governments of western Balkan states but still there are not unified measures acceptable for all interested sides. Number of migrants is bigger from day to day and there is emergency situation in some western Balkan states.

Concept of united Europe should be implemented in practice. European union can be serious player on international level only if it is able to create common measures which will be acceptable for all member-states and for the candidate-states. Unification of European continent does not mean only implementation of institutional measures but also cooperation on high level on upcoming problems and issues. European union should move further in its project of unification and to show to other international subjects that it is ready for prosperity and stability.Solution of economic crisis and migrant crisis through European institutions will be a key piece of evidence that will show the readiness of the European union for the challenges in contemporary international relations.



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European Union bans free movement of migrants from the Middle East

One of the fundamental rights of the individuals is freedom of movement. This right is guaranteed in the Charter of the United Nations. We, rarely talk about it, except in situations of emergency Today, European union is facing with the problem of large-scale migration. After Arab spring, huge number of population of that region tends to start its new life on the European continent. Also, the civil war in Syria is a key point that has influenced on the extension of migrant crisis.

There are predictions that migrant crisis will continue in the next two-three years. This means that number of migrants will increase and it will influence on the states from European continent to create strategies that will allow reception of migrants instead closing borders and limited and conditional movement. Today, European policy is wrong in this regard. European states are making distinctions between migrants and refugees from war zones. European union creates rules which allow distinguish of migrants on the basis of economic parameters. That is unacceptable and in contrary to the guaranteed fundamental human rights.Even movement in the Schengen zone within European union is limited and again passport control at the borders between member states was returned. Mentioned trends will not lead us to final solution. The accumulation of the number of migrants at the border crossings will create additional tensions between the migrants, and certainly between migrants and border police. This may again lead us to open conflict and instability on the European continent.European Union, which is committed to respecting democratic values and traditions, should not allow to become the biggest enemy of humanity through restricting access to migrants on its territory.Current migrant crisis will be remembered in world history as a process in which western democracies are on the exam and beginning of changes of demographic map of the European continent.

Migrants are not responsible for what is happening in their countries. Nobody wants to leave their home if there are normal conditions for life. Migrant crisis is a consequence of civil war. Civil war is result of wrong management of national and international politics. Today, politics is not in the hands of the majority. However, the majority of citizens are a victims of such wrong policies. Bearing in mind all the above, European Union should play a crucial role in this crisis. European Union should give its best in order to enable to victims of the wars basic living conditions.