NaisMUN represents a new project for students from all around world. Its aim is to create networking between young people from the region of south-eastern Europe, new friendships and deep and comprehensive debates on the topics that are in the light in international relations nowadays. NaisMUN will be conference composed of different debates where students from above mentioned region will be able to discuss about the topics from the political and economic area and about the topics that deal with questions about better and sustainable future.

Conference will be composed of simulations of the bodies of Organization of United Nations. The students in these simulations will be able to represent different member-states of above mentioned bodies and to discuss as representatives of states respectively as diplomats on the topics that are on the agenda.

NaisMUN will allow to students to change different points of views and different ideas. It will allow creating common strategies and draft-papers committed to resolving outstanding issues in international relations. Ambitious students will be able, through this conference, to present their ideas for building better and sustainable future.

NaisMUN, also, represents opportunity for foreign students, to become familiar with Serbian history and tradition. During the conference, they will be able to visit important historical places in Serbia and to create picture about Serbian cultural heritage. Also, they will have opportunity to taste traditional food of Serbian cuisine and delicious wines.

We are encouraging all students to apply for participation at this conference. NaiMUN will be right place for students who are looking for academic debates and discussions. Also, it will be right place for creating contacts and enjoying in entertainments. We are looking forward to meet you…!!!

Organization team: Mitko Arnaudov, Nemanja Obradovic and Rastko Bakocevic

PS: Do not hesitate to contact us